04 Apr

Source-Driven Development – The Modern Way to Deliver Applications

Source Control, also known as Version Control, is developers’ best friend. It helps developers with the backup of latest, updated version of the code

04 May

Powerful Salesforce Continuous Integration with AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT for Powerful Salesforce Continuous Integration


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of applications are essential for higher

14 Jan

AutoRABIT 3.9 GA Release Highlights - Salesforce Release Management

We are pleased to announce AutoRABIT 3.9 GA, the first GA release after Dreamforce'15, wrapping up most of the awesome feedback received during the event.

23 Sep

Press Release - AutoRABIT 3.0 Beta Scheduled for DreamForce 14

Yes. We are gearing up for a first major version change after the big AutoRABIT 2.0 launch 8 months ag0 with a superlative AutoRABIT 3.0 .