04 Apr

Source-Driven Development – The Modern Way to Deliver Applications

Source Control, also known as Version Control, is developers’ best friend. It helps developers with the backup of latest, updated version of the code

25 Aug

Salesforce Continuous Integration - What is not explained !!

DreamForce 2016 has 900+ Salesforce Customers, Architects, MVPs spending their valuable time on Salesforce release management at AutoRABIT Booth in

26 Jul

Branching Strategies For Salesforce Version Control

Branches are independent lines of work that stem from a single central code base. Today, most Version Control Systems (VCS) support branches. Depending

15 Jun

Version Control 101

So, you have been developing software for as long as you can remember?

14 Jan

AutoRABIT 3.9 GA Release Highlights - Salesforce Release Management

We are pleased to announce AutoRABIT 3.9 GA, the first GA release after Dreamforce'15, wrapping up most of the awesome feedback received during the event.

02 Dec

AutoRABIT 3.6 - Thanksgiving Release Highlights

AutoRABIT has its 3.6 release on Thanksgiving weekend with an aim to bring more joy and happiness to Salesforce Release Management teams across the globe.

16 Aug

Salesforce GIT Integration Seamless with AutoRABIT EZ-Commit Feature

No Eclipse, No Force.com IDE Plug-ins and no complex GIT clients – its all too easy for Salesforce Administrators and Development Teams to check-in their

06 Oct

Continuous delivery for Salesforce Applications -2 Version Control Support

This is a continuation post to the series of posts on the continuous delivery of Salesforce applications . Incase,  if you have missed the first one -