04 Apr

Source-Driven Development – The Modern Way to Deliver Applications

Source Control, also known as Version Control, is developers’ best friend. It helps developers with the backup of latest, updated version of the code

14 Mar


Applications have become critical revenue drivers for businesses across industries. They require continuous improvements from time to time in terms of

13 Feb

Is AutoRABIT multi-tenant? Can we use AutoRABIT on-premise?

IS AUTORABIT MULTI-TENANT? CAN WE USE AUTORABIT ON-PREMISE? What type of Infrastructure is AutoRABIT implemented on?

03 Nov

9 Qualities that Distinguish AutoRABIT from Off-the-shelf CI/CD tools

One of the largest commercial and investment firms in the world wanted to know how AutoRABIT can help them with CI/CD for the Salesforce platform. They

11 Nov
29 Sep
25 Aug

Salesforce Continuous Integration - What is not explained !!

DreamForce 2016 has 900+ Salesforce Customers, Architects, MVPs spending their valuable time on Salesforce release management at AutoRABIT Booth in

27 May

Continuous Integration: 5 Best Practices

Repeat after me, Continuous Integration is a practice and not a tool. There! #mindblown.

04 May

Powerful Salesforce Continuous Integration with AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT for Powerful Salesforce Continuous Integration


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of applications are essential for higher

03 May

Accelerate Your Continuous Integration (CI) Infrastructure

Recently, I participated in an online panel discussion on the subject of CI Acceleration, as part of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9), a series of community