Salesforce has always been phenomenal at creating fun and unforgettable experiences, and TrailheaDX was no exception. Awesomeness at its best, that’s how we felt about TrailheaDX! The knowledge flow throughout the event, the after party, the rock band by ThieveryCorpDC, and the presence of industry visionaries, customers, sponsors, trailblazers, and of course our team – all in all, it was like a celebration.

Whatever trail one embarked upon at TrailheaDX ’17, they were sure to discover new and exciting knowledge about latest Salesforce technologies. Here is an overview of the two key announcements made by Salesforce at TrailheaDX’17.

  1. Salesforce launched Salesforce DX Open Beta in TrialheaDX. This new technology is designed to help improve the developer experience on the Salesforce platform. As always, you are never left in the forest, without adequate guidance and direction, with new Salesforce technologies. As such, Salesforce has provided a wealth of knowledge via Trailhead to get developers started.
  2. And, Leah McGowen-Hare, the Director of Employee Trailhead Content Strategy, in an engaging and insightful presentation, introduced the New Einstein Platform Services for Building AI-Powered Customer Experiences to the attendees. Einstein is the Artificial Intelligence for Salesforce CRM aimed to open a world of possibilities to third-party developers to add AI to applications built on the Salesforce platform.  You can learn more about Einstein here.


The outstanding show is over, but it created long-lasting memories and connections for us. It was a pleasure shaking hands and building new connections at events such as TrailheaDX.  We are immensely grateful to each person who graced us with their presence at our booth and theater session, also involved in great conversations. We had around 400+ interactions, and every interaction was valuable. Your presence, enthusiasm, and excitement to learn more about Salesforce and how AutoRABIT creates value for Salesforce development are appreciated.


Our heartfelt thanks to Parker Harris (Co-founder of Salesforce) who thrilled us with his charismatic presence. Special thanks to Charlie Isaacs (Salesforce CTO for Customer Connection) who showed a keen interest in knowing AutoRABIT and believed in its capabilities. MVPs of Salesforce ecosystem – Kavindra Patel (Senior Director, Strategic Trailhead Events & Programs at Salesforce), Adam Seligman (Senior Vice President, Developer Relations and Trailhead GM) and Daniel Peter (Salesforce MVP) also stopped by our booth, and we had insightful interactions with them.


 We exceeded our expectations and achieved our mission. Salesforce trusted AutoRABIT as a reliable solution provider that complements Salesforce DX in driving Continuous Delivery for Salesforce Applications and mentionedAutoRABIT in its presentation.


We were one of the six participants in the Demo Jam session and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our Session - 'MAD with DX' by Niranjan Gattupalli, Head of Customer Success Services at AutoRABIT, was very well received by the audience. It discussed the Modern Application Development with Salesforce DX and AutoRABIT.


 We can’t wait to see you again! Till then, here we are sailing the boat of DX until next year to bring you the crest of modernization. 




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