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21 Apr

Salesforce Success Communities - An Overview

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has gained momentum in the recent years. CRM software has progressed and spread out into different directions.

12 Apr

DevOps – Why & How?

“What is DevOps?” and “Why DevOps?” These are among the most common questions one can find floating around the Salesforce community. Most people think

10 Apr

AutoRABIT + Provar: Accelerates Continuous Delivery and Release Velocity

Test Automation has been one of the top trends in the IT industry for more than a decade and shows no sign of slowing down. The reasons – productivity,

16 Mar

Version Control

For many Salesforce developers, the development and the release of quality code is their highest aim. Yet, this aim is not always the easiest of feats to

12 Mar

‘No Deployment’ - the new paradigm for & Salesforce innovation.

Is it possible to completely automate your entire Salesforce ( release & deployment process such that development teams don’t have to think

09 Mar

AutoRABIT 4.1 Reporting Capabilities

Scheduling and email notifications for “Org Synchronization” feature

09 Mar

Ergonomic User Interface - AutoRABIT 4.1


09 Mar

AutoRABIT Data Loader 4.1 Enhancements

Moving away from the traditional data loading tools, AutoRABIT 4.1’s Data Loader is uniquely positioned to handle parent-child records, relationships &

11 Nov
29 Sep