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Essential of Customers Delight.jpg"Customers Success"  and "Customers satisfaction"  are buzz words today. That's no wonder because every company knows the role customers play in the growth of a company. So, every company takes its customers seriously and has its own way of ensuring its customers have achieved the desired outcome by using their product. Having a Customer support system in place is one way of doing it. So, what should Customer support do to ensure customers are deriving value and are happy. Let me break it down for you right now.


Listening to your clients intently cannot be stressed enough. Only if you could listen, you could address their pain points and that's how you provide a solution. Sometimes an email might just not be enough to understand the issue. In that case meeting the client in person or having a video conference is definitely a good practice. You can also record it and forward it to the concerned team who can give a better solution.


Wouldn't it feel great if someone replies immediately? Just like everybody clients, would like an immediate response too. They would like it if they are informed about the status of their issue. This could also include information about who is taking care of their issue. Send acknowledgment emails, even if it's something which you plan to do it in the next release, include it in the email.


Having a friendly tone of communication helps you build a good rapport with your client. This makes the client feel comfortable to explain an issue clearly. It also makes it easy to work with each other. This also makes the support team feel free and ask relevant questions. This contributes to quicker and clear communication.


If your client has many issues, schedule a weekly status call with them. If a client does not have any issues at all, it is not a good sign either. Send them emails reminding them about the value of your product.


Clients can help you improve. If something does not go right they will tell you.  Sometimes most of the ideas can come from your client's suggestions. If you have implemented their suggestions tell them that you have, this would make them happy.

AutoRABIT places customer satisfaction at the center of what it does. For every enhancement that we make to our product, we put in deep passion and dedication to give our customers a delightful experience.

With regards to providing most simplified customer support, AutoRABIT came up with its new  Online Support System. It revolves around all the queries and challenges that our customers may have. It is a self-learning platform wherein you can easily search and navigate through the content.

This online support system offers faster and better resolutions to your concerns.

 It provides:

  • An interactive system that reduces your effort to get relevant information and support.
  • Guided learning paths for you to get the most accurate information.
  • You can log in new queries, cases and check the status of your previous tickets.

Contact us at for any questions that our “Online Support System" may not address. You can expect a prompt response from our Support team because remember that is one of those things that makes customers happy.

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