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Data is an invaluable asset for any enterprise and must be protected against natural disasters, corruption, breaches and infrastructure failures. Enterprises need to implement a data backup and recovery plan to handle such contingencies successfully.

Every day, enormous amounts of data get accumulated. But, all of it might not be equally important. Intelligence to analyze such data is the key. ‘Data Analytics’ help enterprises take informed, better and transformational business decisions. Thus, analytics come at the forefront of any business strategy. Furthermore, data analytics help enterprises gain insights into a product's performance, customers’ behavior and interactions, understand why and how trends are changing, and to tap opportunities based on the changing market demands. Embracing a data-driven culture is vital for successful digital transformation.

Why data backup & recovery relevant for Salesforce?

Salesforce being a customer relationship management platform generates large chunks of data out of various customer interactions. While working on the, there lies a possibility of users accidentally deleting the data during migration, or updating records, etc. Likewise, administrators might make changes in the metadata by modifying page layouts, changing reports, adding or deleting custom fields, etc. In case if you want to roll back to the previous settings, a backup of your earlier metadata is always required.

Although Salesforce facilitates data backup and recovery, it advises customers to develop their own data backup and recovery strategy. Hence, it is essential to regularly back up your data so that you can restore as and when needed.

It’s all good backing up your data, but what is the use if it just lies there in your database without giving any value? Yes, it helps in case of an unforeseen incident that requires restoration/recovery of data. However, such instances are very rare.

Now, what do you think of deriving an additional value by having an analytics engine running on top of your historical data to give you better business insights?

Several tools are available in the market to analyze the data and give interesting insights in a visually appealing format. More so, now software vendors are looking at investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and making it part of their product strategy. AI analyzes data and gives more compelling results. It can represent data in visual formats like bar charts, pie charts, facts and statistics which can further be manifested in the form of presentations and videos.

How are we at AutoRABIT bringing the difference? 

AutoRABIT has recently come up with AutoRABIT Vault (ARVault), a cloud-based data backup and recovery solution. ARVault automates and protects an enterprise's data with forever backups. But it is just not limited to data backup and recovery, but also provides analytics. ARVault, hence, is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution that enables automated data backup, data restoration, data recovery, data masking as well as data analytics. It’s centralized data center with unlimited storage, supports all data & metadata, also gives you real-time alerts and summary reports. Very soon, ARVault will be offering advanced analytics riding on AI. It will analyze an enterprise’s historical data and the patterns related to customer behavior and customer satisfaction to give meaningful insights. That said, ARVault is the savior of Salesforce data and will soon be the enabler of better business decisions.  It empowers enterprises to drive innovation and offer enhanced customer experience which in turn brings business value.  Watch out this space for latest updates on ARVault.

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