Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the standard model for delivering cloud-based software/applications in the recent years. With SaaS catching up rapidly across all corners of the business world, there arises the need to adopt the right Sales and Marketing approach by SaaS-based solution providers.

The SaaS buying cycle is typically short. While choosing a potential solution for their business, buyers usually go through three different stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. However, potential buyers look for information and consume content at every stage of their buying journey.

AutoRABIT, a SaaS-based Continuous Delivery Suite for Salesforce, handholds its prospects throughout their buying journey. We map out our prospects’ buying journey with the most accurate content and information in line with their research. This blog highlights the two broad initiatives AutoRABIT practices to empower its prospects to take the right decisions for SaaS buying.

With the ease of access to resources and content, our prospects usually are educated about their challenges and the possible alternatives to resolve them. At AutoRABIT, we are aware that customers are 57 percent through the buying process before they speak to a vendor. Therefore, we devote our resources, as a trusted advisor, to driving appropriate outcomes for prospects by easing their research for a suitable solution.

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Right information, Right Decisions…

1. We join the potential customers in their research journey by adding value through the following:

a. Crafting problem-solving content that is tailored to specific personas, buying patterns and challenges.

b. Designing product demonstrations specifically to discuss the unique challenges of each prospect.

c. Ensuring that product or solution content is easy to consume by using formats such as infographics and videos.

d. Making content accessible by placing them in channels where prospects typically consume information.

Essentially, we empower our prospects with the right information that helps them build a richer and more accurate knowledge of their challenges, and how AutoRABIT might be their partner in resolving them.

2. We build relationships by becoming a trusted advisor

Purchasing a SaaS solution may be an expensive and potentially risky proposition if not handled strategically. We understand that prospects conduct extensive and thorough research before procuring a solution to reduce such risk. Therefore, at AutoRABIT, we take our role as a trusted advisor seriously.

We ensure that we inform, educate and reassure our prospects about how our solution addresses their expectations in a meaningful way. We approach every prospect with the requirement to understand the 4 pillars - the situation, problem, implication and needs to accomplish their goals while minimizing risk.

AutoRABIT is focused on properly demonstrating its value by using multiple options for the evaluation process. We provide both self-directed research information or offer the white glove service which enables us to show the exact value that the prospects are looking for. It is all about making the prospective customer feel confident about the decision they are about to make.

At AutoRABIT, the sales cycle is not over when the implementation is complete. We work hard at becoming a trusted advisor by building nurturing relationships. We keep the conversation alive by working with customers as an ongoing process of ensuring that they remain confident and satisfied with their purchase decision even long after the purchase has been made. Don’t take our word for it, read this Case Study that explains how AutoRABIT took a company from no continuous integration to automated deployments. Speak to AutoRABIT about how we can partner with you in your Continuous Delivery journey of Salesforce applications.

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