2017 has been a great and eventful year for us at AutoRABIT. As we worked with our clients towards reaching their business goals, we have achieved more than a few milestones of our own. The holiday season is the time to reminisce about the year that has passed by!

Moments that Mattered in 2017…

  • Well-deserved Recognition
    • A feather in our cap! Recognized by CIO Review as one of the top 20 most promising Salesforce solution providers 2017.
  • APAC Coverage and a Strong Worldwide Channel Plan
    • With a focus to cover the APAC region, we have opened a new office in Melbourne. We have achieved great customer wins, especially in the Government sector!
    • We also launched a formal partner and channel model to great success with partners getting signed off from various regions of the world and thereby helping us get closer to our customers.
  • Growing Clientele & Workforce
    • As the adoption of AutoRABIT continues to grow, we have seen some very large 100+ Salesforce Developer organizations starting to use AutoRABIT in 2017. And, that’s not all; 5 large banks, 3 Fortune 50 companies and some of the large System Integrators globally have engaged with us this year.
    • To serve our growing clientele across the globe and their business needs, we have increased our workforce by 150% in this year. Now, more brawn and brains at work for our clients!
  • AutoRABIT, the Product in 2017
    • Keeping with our customers’ requirements this year, we have brought in the planet’s first merge editor on Cloud with conflict resolution. Pre-and-post deployment steps have been automated. We are giving an “early warning system” to developers with deployment dependency validation, code coverage, and static code analysis checks, etc. with the check-in gate feature. We enabled enterprises to package their approved user stories into a single release package, merge and deploy the release in one go.
  • Enhancements to our Support System
    • We constantly keep improving our support system to make it more user-friendly to our customers. We’re offering guided learning paths and responsive access to support documentation maximizing users’ search effort and fetching most relevant content. The future enhancements are focused towards providing better visibility and reports to the users.
  • Being a part of SF events and more importantly the SF community
    • We participated in all the major events organized by Salesforce and also some SF community-led events across the globe. Have a glance at our event roundup to know more about our event participation and more importantly to see our sessions and webinars aimed at the Salesforce Community.

2018 We look forward to…

We have been working on the new features of AutoRABIT for Salesforce including Analytics, IDE integration, Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into each of the development phases, RPA, etc. which would be put forward in our releases in 2018 as per our roadmap. You would also see the commercial release of our new products including AutoRABIT for Salesforce DX (launched at Dreamforce 2017 and currently in beta with some of our customers) and services over the first half of 2018.

Aptly put by Vishnu Datla, our CEO, “We will continue to lead the market by pushing the envelope of innovation. We look forward to continuing to grow the Release Automation space within the Salesforce Ecosystem.”

Signing off for 2017 with this last blog and Wishing You a Continuously Happy and Continuously Prosperous New Year!!!

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