We, at AutoRABIT, strive to deliver value and building long-lasting relationships with our customers. In 2017, AutoRABIT emerged as the market leader in offering Continuous Delivery & Release Automation for SaaS platforms. We engaged with our customers and the Salesforce Community to understand their challenges around Release Automation. We participated in all the remarkable events organized by Salesforce, and Salesforce community-led events across the globe. AutoRABIT was at Dreamforce with 3 booths at Developer Forest & Customer Success Expo and had met with customers, partners, industry experts, peers while being amongst 171000+ trailblazers. In our Campfire, Theater and Breakout sessions at the event we demonstrated how AutoRABIT helps enterprises efficiently adopt Salesforce DX, achieve CI/CD while enabling DevOps journey, and presented business cases. Check out our presentations at Dreamforce 2017.

Likewise, our presence at TrailheaDXreceived an overwhelming response! Especially, our session around “Modern Application Development (MAD) with Salesforce DX and AutoRABIT” positioned us as a pioneer in the DX space.  We also sponsored & participated in Salesforce World Tour London, and several regional Dreamin’ events & meetups; notable amongst them were Events Down Under, Events in India, and the Bay Area meetups.

AutoRABIT at Dreamforce 2017 AutoRABIT at TrailheaDX 2017

AutoRABIT also focused towards organizing webinars to educate and help our customers utilize the power of AutoRABIT to achieve CI/CD by implementing Agile and DevOps for Salesforce development. We hosted two exclusive webinars that benefited the audience to understand how Salesforce DX enables modern application development practices, and how AutoRABIT complements Salesforce DX.

AutoRABIT Webinar - MAD with DX AutoRABIT Webinar: Experience Salesforce DX with AutoRABIT
AutoRABIT Webinar: MAD With DX AutoRABIT Webinar: Experience Salesforce DX
at its Best with AutoRABIT
AutoRABIT Webinar: Applying Agile & DevOps for Salesforce AutoRABIT 4.1 Webinar: 5 Puzzles of Salesforce CI - Unpuzzled!

We are looking forward to continuing to grow the Release Automation market for Salesforce in 2018. We are eagerly awaiting the commercial launch of our new products, which are currently in beta with some of our customers, to expand our portfolio.

Watch out this space for Part 2 of this blog that covers our other momentous milestones in 2017…!

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