Scheduling and email notifications for “Org Synchronization” feature

The new AutoRABIT 4.1 release has enhanced reporting functions like 'triggering notifications for deployments'. These notifications can also be emailed as a notification report on a periodic basis. This report gives high-level metadata differences between two orgs. This reporting feature is now available in “Org Synchronization” where 'source SF Org' can be conveniently compared to the 'destination SF Org'.

For this, specific time frames can be allotted manually on weekly, daily or at specific intervals, and can also be automated for an hourly frequency. Upon expiration of scheduled time frame, an email notification will be triggered to the user. AutoRABIT 4.1 has this function augmented for “Org Synchronization” apart from “CI org sync”.

Enhanced reports for deployments with download option

 A history of all deployments is maintained on AutoRABIT 4.1. This deployment report gives a historic view of deployments made by both the admin and user. The 'report download option' for deployment history in 4.1 gives visibility of the metadata deployed, either added or modified, within a scheduled time frame between source and destination.  Admins can now go through audit trail log of the enterprise salesforce landscape with a few clicks and download it. You can also access and download audit trail logs for the entire salesforce landscape.

Download option for static analysis reports

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Once 4.1 generates deployment history of the metadata deployed between source and destination, it creates an open source framework which includes all business logic or code used on the user written code. These sources give information on the various user violations that were made, to the extent of file specific and line specific violations. This source report can be downloaded in a CSV (Comma Separated) file by both admin and the user.

Better Visibility and Personalization

4.1 provides single-screen view of test run code coverage, static code analysis, and validation. Users can also configure their screen to view differences between two different salesforce orgs. AutoRABIT 4.1’s other features include 'ability to view comparison reports between two salesforce orgs'.  AutoRABIT 4.1’s other features include ability to view comparison reports between two salesforce orgs and detailed comparison salesforce provisions. 

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